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Free ways to start your party off right

With a little preparation, you can have a great party!
With a little preparation, you can have a great party!
Photo by Kristen

Just because you’re on a budget, doesn’t mean you can never entertain! Here are a few totally free things to do to get your party off on a great start:

Clean. If your place is a mess, people will notice and not feel relaxed or welcome. Everyone’s home looks better when it’s clean. Don’t have dirty laundry or dishes lying around. Get rid of all unnecessary clutter (papers, toys, mail, magazines etc.) Vacuum, sweep, dust. Make sure all of the plates and glasses you will be serving on are clean as well.

Smell. No matter how great the conversation is flowing and how tasty the appetizers are, if something smells weird, it’s going to get people’s attention (and not in a good way!). If you have pets, you may want to use a carpet deodorizer. Take the garbage out before your guests come. Light some sweet smelling candles. Make sure your scents aren’t too abrasive though. Roses and flowers might smell great to you, but they may be a little nauseating for others. Use a neutral fragrance such as fresh linen.

. Making a suitable playlist for the type of party you are having is a great mood setter. Music is a nice way of making people feel less awkward if there is a break in conversation.

You. Your guests will definitely enjoy themselves and feel comfortable if you’re comfortable. No one wants to see you stressed out over the party or in a bad mood because something didn’t turn out perfect. If you’re excited and happy to see people, they will sense that and feel appreciated and wanted. If you’re having fun, your guests will take a note from you. Make a point to talk to each guest equally and try to get them talking to eachother. While introducing people, don’t just exchange their names. Try to say something interesting about them or something they have in common (i.e. both love to cook or went to the same college). Be hospitable by refilling drinks and offering snacks.


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