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Free ways for kids to have fun

Free ways for kids to have fun
Lyn Lomasi

Are your kids bored out of their minds? Just need something free to pass the time? Maybe you're broke but still want to have fun. Either way, these five free ways to have fun with kids are sure to entertain.

Sing silly songs together
Yeah, yeah I know this may sound old-fashioned. But try it. It's great for laughter and helps bring families closer together. This is especially good after a really long day. A family karaoke night is always fun as well. If it's near a holiday, try these tips for teaching kids holiday lyrics.

Play tag in the rain
If it's raining outside, no need to stay inside unless there is severe weather. Play a free, fun game of tag in the rain with the kids. It adds a fun element and also teaches kids to appreciate the beauty of mother nature. Click here for more outdoor rainy day fun with kids.

Explore the neighborhood
Do you know what your neighborhood looks like? The full details - not from a car window. Take a stroll around and explore things with the kids. You might be surprised at the nature and landmarks you can discover without being contained by four doors. If you live in or near the Denver area, you can even visit this facebook page for free things to do in and around the city: .

Weed out and donate
This may seem an odd thing to put on a list of fun things to do. But kids really enjoy knowing their unused items can help others. Go through clothing, books, toys, etc and see what can be given to the less fortunate. Keeps the kids busy and it also helps someone out.

Family talent show
Everyone has something special they can do. One kid might be able to sing. Another may be an artist. Maybe another is into fashion. No matter everyone's interests, they can all be combined to create a fun family talent show. You can charge admission with play money for effect.

**This is an updated version of the content I originally published at Life Successfully:

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