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Free upgrade: Enter to win one of 10 Conqueror's Editions of 'Black Gold Online'

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Black Gold Online might be a free-to-play game, but Snail Games does have premium editions of the title available for $19.99 that include some upgrades. Included is:

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- Ceremonial Garment (Fashion)
- Officer's Overcoat (Fashion)
- 1100 Black Gold ($20 Value)
- 2 Soul Crystals (Epic Crafting Material)
- 25 Stone of Blessings (Epic Tokens)

Not sure if you're interested? Well the title is free-to-play like we said, so you can always log on and give it a try first. Or you can check out Manny Vivas' review where he says it "shows promise" but is "plagued with fetch quests."

Between now and Thursday evening, anyone who likes us on Facebook gets a free entry! If you haven't though, no worries, just give us a like and we'll give you one too. Those of you on Twitter can gain another entry by following us and giving us your handle for verification.

After you've done both of those, Rafflecopter will enable you to enter by tweeting our pre-written tweet on Twitter to your followers. Again, just make sure you input the required information - a link to the tweet - so we can verify your entries are valid.

You can gain one additional entry by posting on our Facebook wall utilizing the hashtag "#ExGameOnBGO" or by leaving a comment on this post! Don't forget to verify your entry through Rafflecopter though!

Now you can enter through Facebook!

We'd like to thank all of you who enter each and every week and we look forward to creating more exciting giveaways for you!

Winners will be contacted this weekend and once all of them have been confirmed and validated we will announce their identities right here on this post.


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