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Free Unusual Summer Outing

As far as inexpensive outings during the summer in Montreal, there is one that is one that is both unusual and yet good for the whole family or for an odd sense of a romantic date and that is plane spotting. It literally means going to a designated spot by Pierre-Elliot Trudeau International Airport and watching the airplanes land. People come out with their families, in couples or solo and spend serious time watching. They bring chairs, snacks and cameras and enjoy themselves, you can practically hear people say as they point to the sky... “the plane, the plane!”.

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There are four well-known spots for the unique pass-time, but when the winds are right and they allow for the planes to land on runway 24R, the best location is Pitfield Blvd., in St. Laurent. This cul-de-sac runs parallel to Highway 13 and is just off Blvd. Cote Vertu and is at the edge of the airport. It puts plane spotters directly in the plane’s flight path and allows for people to get as close as possible to a plane in flight. Some times, so close, that it almost feels like the plane will land right on top of you.

Google map street view of Pitfield Blvd. (cul-de-sac):

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