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Free tutoring for Eastside High School students


The University City Kiwanis Club has donated $5000 to Eastside High School to start a free after school study program. There is a catch though, kids have to take advantage of the opportunity.

Kiwanis is a "global organization of volunteers dedicated to changing the world, one child and one community at a time." For more information on who Kiwanians are and how to get involved click here.

The Gainesville Sun reported that Sam Butz,  Secretary of the University City Kiwanis Club, said that their motivation for starting this program was to raise FCAT scores and the reading level of High School students in the county. FCAT statistics show that 53% of 9th graders scored at or above their grade level in Alachua County. Up 2% from last year. While only 44% of 10th graders read at the appropriate level or better, which is down 1% from last year's scores. On the brighter side, Alachua's scores are higher than the state's averages which are only 47% for 9th graders, and a dismal 37% for 10th graders.

This is a great opportunity for the students at Eastside High. Volunteer tutors and teachers will stay after school to help students complete their homework and prepare for larger assignments. Bus rides will even be available for students within the Eastside school zone. Once again, the catch is kids have to take advantage of this program.  Only half of the promised $5000 has been given to Eastside, the other half will be given later after the program has been reviewed to see if there was any improvement and if the students are actually using the program. So if your child goes to Eastside High this is a wonderful opportunity to get a head and stay a head.

The Kiwanis Club is another organization where you can serve your community and be the light and salt of Gainesville.