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Free training: What to do after a disaster

The Train, Equip, Recon, Respond, Assist of Georgia (T.E.R.R.A) is a Georgia project that has set out to educate the community and offer free resources on what to do following a disaster. As of January 28, 2014, the company continues to help community members all over the nation.

Be prepared before, during and after surviving a disaster.
Be prepared before, during and after surviving a disaster.
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Free training
The T.E.R.R.a. Project

T.E.R.R.A's vision focuses on service provided immediately after disasters like: floods, hurricanes, and earthquake post events. The company was created with the concept of protecting and mitigating loss of life and property.

Their mission is to train people to be better equipped when facing natural disasters and to be the first responders after a disaster occurs.

T.E.R.R.A's instructors provide free training on how to prepare when a natural disaster occurs. Classes are free of charge and available to community members as well as groups/organizations which may want to participate.

Included in the training are tips needed to be prepared in the event of a disaster. People can learn what to do in an effort mitigate losses after a disaster occurs: personal injury, loss of life and damage to property. First aid, personal safety, survival skills and emergency management training are also included.

Special needs training sessions focus on the specific risks more likely to occur in your area.

The project's second mission involves teams of highly trained individuals so called experts who are usually first responders in the event of a disaster. Medical care, communications, water, shelter, etc. are respondent's main concerns.

After a disaster T.E.R.R.A's team of first responders survey the damage, provide immediate aid, coordinate with others in the area and communicate information.

Once the immediate issues are addressed the teams work with civilian volunteers who assist with the distribution of supplies, clean-up and reconstruction.

Instructors and team members are required to stay consistent with physical fitness and comprehensive training. The continuous training allows for compliance with GEMA and FEMA rules.

The project will mitigate the experiences that often come with a disaster: local and national response, inefficiencies, risk, public safety, loss of life and more.

The two-fold project helps bridge the gap between local and federal aid by training community members and responding.

The creator of the project Timothy Farrow has been in the military as well as law enforcement. Currently he owns a security and investigative company, Advanced Protective Services which has been known to provide services immediately following a disaster.

Farrow has been involved in floods, hurricanes and earthquake post events. It was after witnessing shortcomings of the local and FEMA authorities first hand that it occurred to him to create a program that addressed mitigating loss of life and property through "direct-action training.

"I decided to initiate my idea a few months ago. I asked a few friends I trusted with the requisite skills to get this off the ground." Farrow said.

Farrow would like to see Georgia to lead the way for the rest of the country. He wants to make sure everyone in the nation has the skills to sustain themselves and/or their family in the event that it has to be done.

The visionary said his main focus is on the citizens. "FEMA and other state emergency management groups focus on the continuation of government (Federal/state/local). It is because of this that we will focus on providing FREE training in all aspects of emergency mitigation." Furrow said.

The project is neutral to government authority allowing for a non-biased stance on individual issues. The non-profit organization relies on the support of sponsors, fundraising and private donations.

The group has met with Charlie English from GEMA who appears to be excited about the project. Realizing there was a need was the first task at hand, filling gaps regarding ongoing issues associated with disasters is the company's primary role.

The Super Brawl and Tailgate Challenge a race benefiting the project will be held on February 2, 2014, at 2 pm. Runners will meet at Townpark office complex at the intersection of Townpark and Busbee. Registration can be found at Super Brawl and Tailgate Challenge reservation page.

The football themed experience includes choosing a red shirt supporting the AFC or a blue shirt supporting the NFC. The first runner to cross the finish line wins tavern glasses for everyone in their conference.

Take the Tailgate Challenge and show off your skills and tailgate prior to the run. The winner will receive $250 for representing the best tailgater. The pre-game experience starts at noon. Super Bowl highlights on televisions to get everyone in the zone along with skill competitions which include prizes and fun for the entire family.

The post-party includes food and fun which will help everyone prepare for the big game.

For more information please visit the website, Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn pages.

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