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Free tickets to Medieval Times: ACT NOW!

It’s spring break time again! Many families this time of year with children of mixed-ages find it troubling to find activities suitable for kids of all sizes, little and big. At Medieval Times, located in the old Discover Mills(renamed; Sugarloaf Mills), there's a majestic experience that awaits the whole family! No matter if you are a young princess Enter a kingdom that knows how to treat it’s royal guest with a Kingly feast, a Knightly theatrical exhibit of jousting and horsemanship.

Enjoy dinner as you watch the red, yellow, blue, green, black and white Knights fight steadily for their kingdom.

At the castle, your family will also enjoy the Royal Bill of Fare, which starts with an appetizing soup made of “Dragon blood” (Tomato bisque). The main course dines with “Dragon Tail” (Beef rib), “Dragon Egg” (Baked potato), and a half chicken served without utensils, so that the family can eat in customary medieval fashion - with their bare hands. Then to end off with a dessert - all while the show still goes on - coffee and pastry will complete the fill of the belly as you enjoy the live performance whilst being served by the royal wenches, the King’s loyal servants.

There’s no time like a festive Medieval Times, the ambiance of the arena-like theatre is full of participating audience members who scream and shout for their favorite horsemen, as the knights display uncanny ability to control these wild beast and transform them into well-mannered majestic mustangs. The castle’s majestic mustangs will perform tricks and prance about in ways you never seen before.

Nothing about the regal experience is far from extraordinary. From the time the family enjoys together over a meal and evening entertainment to the communal raving of a unified color group, which your family be designated upon arrival. If your family cheers loud enough for your prospective colored knight, then a “little princess” in your royal court, will be crowned the “Queen of Love and Beauty”. Our family favorite, is the yellow knight and his valiant steed, so anytime we’re team yellow, we tend to leave with voices that are unable to bellow.

The show normally starts at 6 p.m. and for a limited time, during spring break (April 7th - 10th) families with children aged 5 -12 are invited into the castle earlier at 5 p.m. to receive complimentary Knight training for the first 100 “little Lords” to enter the castle.

In addition, I would like to offer my readers a chance at getting FREE ADMISSION (Valued up to $200) to Medieval Times for a family of four, to be used between April 7th - April 10th. All you have to do is visit us on Facebook and ‘LIKE US’! Follow both Fan Pages links below and text your name, email, and phone number to:

For more information on Medieval Times Atlanta:

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