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Free the Grapes! Government intrusion is heading to your wine rack

Free the Grapes!
Free the Grapes!

When most people think of a restriction on civil rights, they think of some government or police action unconstitutionally limiting their right to free speech, freedom of religion or freedom of assembly.  In many ways, however, a restriction on personal, every day freedoms can be a terrifying sign of the unwanted over-expansion of government.

One such intrusion looks ready to even restrict what you drink.  Cincinnati Wine Pairing Examiner Tim Gabelman wrote an intriguing piece yesterday on H.R. 5034 (The CARE Bill) that is currently making its way through Congress.  In his article entitled The CARE bill (H.R. 5034) and your rights as a wine drinker, Tim explains that  "The "Comprehensive Alcohol Regulatory Effectiveness Act of 2010" (HR 5034) or CARE bill would ban interstate shipping of wine even if a state allows intrastate shipping of wine within its borders."  

No winery from outside of the state of Ohio can sell its product directly to any retail outlet where it can be purchased by a consumer (such as yourself); they have to sell to a distributing company.  As Tim shows us, the federal government is poised to apply this archaic regulation on a national level. 

Tim Gabelman does a solid, thorough job of explaining the reasons behind the introduction of H.R. 5034 and the argument against its passage.  Check out Tim's article and subscribe at the top of his page to receive frequent updates when his stories are published.

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