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Free Slurpee Day at 7/11: Check out What Else They’re Giving Away

Go & Get Your Free Slurpee Today!
Go & Get Your Free Slurpee Today!

Just in case you haven’t heard, today is free Slurpee day at all 7-Eleven stores. Yep that's right you heard the word (*Free*). This means you can walk into any 7-Eleven and get a 12 oz. cup of your favorite flavored Slurpee from 11 a.m. – 7p.m. on the house.

The rule is one Slurpee per person, and not trying to encourage any bad behavior here, but who really follow the rules these days? There are always cuts, corners, and twists so if you have kids and there are five 7-Eleven stores in your surrounding area then hey! Do the math.

The stores are hoping to boost short term sells, introduce new snacks, and thank people like you for helping their doors to remain open for 87 years. This is not unfamiliar with 7-Eleven giving out free Slurpee’s because they have been doing this for 12 years on July 11, but in 2014 the Marketing Department are doing things a little bit different.

If you think that’s sweet-- then keep reading. They are also giving away a free Big Gulp tomorrow, a free bag of M&M’s on Sunday and much more for a whole week. But! There's one thing you must do to get all of these goodies, and that is to download the 7-Eleven app from your smartphones.

A customer must show the sales associate the barcode at checkout, and once the associate scans the barcode at the register then the customer will receive the freebie. The freebies stop on July 19 so people take out those smartphones, start downloading, and go and get yours.

Quantities are limited, and a customer can receive the free items while supplies last. Technically saying: The early bird gets the worm. As 7-Eleven would say, “Oh Thank Heaven” what are you folks waiting for?

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