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Free Slurpee Day 2014: Largest birthday bash ever get free treats for one week

Get ready everyone, this Friday 7-Eleven, the nation’s largest convenience store, is getting ready to celebrate Free Slurpee Day, by handing out free Slurpees (including two new limited-edition flavors – Lemonade Slurpee, made with real fruit juice, and Slurpee Lite Sugar-Free Fanta Watermelon Punch) on July 11, from 11:00am to 7:00pm while supplies last.

This year 7-Eleven has decided to kick it up a notch, and along with your choice of blue, green, yellow, purple, orange or red Slurpee, you will now be able to enjoy some free snacks!

In an effort to expand their birthday bash week, 7-Eleven is offering you free treats throughout the week when you download their 7-Eleven app:

July 12 - Free Big Gulp soft drink
July 13 - Free M&M's Birthday Cake Flavor candies
July 14 - Free Grandma's Cookies
July 15 - Free Hostess Twinkies
July 16 - Free Snickers or Twix brand ice cream bar
July 17 - Free Quaker Chewy Yogurt snack bar
July 18 - Free Pillsbury cookie
July 19 - Free Small Slurpee

Laura Gordon, vice president of marketing and brand communication at 7-Eleven stated that, “This is about putting convenience at the fingertips of our customers,” Gordon continued, “We’ll serve more people on this day than any other day.”

This year 7-Eleven celebrates their 87th birthday, and this is the 12th year that 7-Eleven has offered free Slurpees. Their intention is to build long-term relationships, while reaching short-term sales, and plan on handing out over 7 million Slurpees nation-wide.

“Every year on 7-Eleven Day, we take the opportunity to thank our guests for their patronage throughout the year,” Gordon said, “This year we’re saying thanks in an even bigger way with eight days of free stuff,” she also makes no apologies for offering free, nutritionally empty products, “It’s our birthday. Everyone eats ice cream and cake on their birthday.” Happy Free Slurpee Day!

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