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Free Sex Toys! Win $300 worth of vibrators and adult sex toys (PHOTOS & VIDEO)

Chocolate Body Paint to make your lover edible.
Chocolate Body Paint to make your lover edible.

New Sex Toys Giveaway Contest- Freebies alert! It's like having a fairy godmother grant your wishes. Well, if fairy godmothers delivered fun, free vibrators to your door...

Abiola's Kiss and Tell Report

Today's Kiss & Tell Report.

Last week we shared the top Sex Toys for Beginners and many of you might have been thinking, that sounds great, Abiola, but I can't afford that! Nothing is more fun in a "post" recession than freebies, contests and giveaways, right?

Well Nicole Irwin from Adult Sex Toys is giving away free vibrators, free penis rings, and basically all of the free sex toys that you can carry. $300 bucks worth to be clear. Whoo Hoo!

Find the Sex Toys Shopping Spree rules here. It's easy to win: (1) Go shopping on AdultSexToys and choose $300 worth of fun sex toys. Yup $300 bucks! (2) Post your list of goodies on your blog, facebook, or twitter linking back to the sitet. (3) Email and let them know where to find your list!

The deadline is May 31, 2010. Void where prohibited. All the rules of your state for contests, novelty items and sex toys apply. Let us know if you win. Yay!


YouTube Video: Abiola's Kiss & Tell TV at the Museum of Sex


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