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Free Runs

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Recently having gotten addicted to running I wanted to run a full marathon or a real race. I have ran the race paths either before or after the marathons, but never ran an actual marathon. It is difficult to fork over $100 or more for a race. Fortunately there is an amazing way to run without spending a fortune. All one needs to pay is a little bit for gas to drive to the race.

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The first way to do this is volunteering. Many of the race planning groups will allow you to race in a future race in exchange for working a certain number hours as a volunteer at current races. This is especially great because you get to talk to people before you race and marathons and events so you can learn from them. This can help you increase your speed.

The next option is to take place in free runs. Based on personal experience many of these are shorter runs such as 5 k. They are often in beautiful park settings. There are many websites advertising free races such as parkrun USA.