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Free Psychic Reading with talk show host Lou Raedwulfe

love readings
love readings

If the past year proved anything it showed us that the tides of transformation and change on the world stage, here in this country and in personal relationships are increasing in intensity and impacting everyone spiritually and emotionally, not to mention, socially and financially.

Examining the various cosmic forces in play can provide an important glimpse into what may await us during the days, weeks and months ahead. Lou Raedwulfe is well aware of how critical this time is both in terms of world and personal events. He will be discussing what the future may hold during this Friday’s newest edition of Stones, Stars & Psychics on BlogTalkRadio at 8:00 p.m. PST.

As a skilled metaphysical counselor, rune reader and astrologer, Lou will pull back the veil on what the cosmos may have in store. A special area of focus will be on love and relationships since these most personal emotions are particularly vulnerable during such dynamic and unsettled times. Be a part of the conversation and prepare to be informed about the path of the future in 2014.

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