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Free printable Tooth Fairy letters to children

Tooth Fairy book
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Remember the excitement of losing a tooth when you were little? For me, one of my fondest memories of losing my teeth was the time I wrote the tooth fairy a heartfelt letter and in the morning when I woke up, tucked underneath my pillow along with money was a most wonderful letter from the tooth fairy.

I still can remember to this day the feelings of excitement and pure joy I felt when I found the tooth fairy letter, I was absolutely stunned that the tooth fairy had the time to write a letter and on top of that, the letter was written just for me!

Kids are so excited to lose a tooth and be able to put that tooth underneath their pillow and receive money or a small little gift in the morning. Imagine a child's excitement if they were also to receive a tooth fairy letter, it could be a thrill of a lifetime. I know for me, receiving the tooth fairy letter was a moment in my life that I will never forget.

Here you will find free printable tooth fairy letters to children that are perfect to go along with some money or little gift for that precious tooth.

Tooth Fairy letters

Here you will find a nice variety of free printable tooth fairy letters to children, there are also editable versions that are available for $5. The free printable tooth fairy letters available are: tooth fairy letter for a girl, tooth fairy letter for a boy, tooth fairy letter lost first tooth, tooth fairy letter left money, tooth fairy letter fairy came late, tooth fairy letter letting child keep tooth, tooth fairy letter tooth pulled by dentist, tooth fairy letter tooth is missing, tooth fairy letter older child, tooth fairy letter child swallowed tooth, joke tooth fairy letter plus some cute tooth fairy coloring pages.

Free printable Tooth Fairy letters

Look to the links on the left hand side of webpage and free printable tooth fairy letters can be found. There are quite a few resources for free printables related to the tooth fairy offered on this site. The websites also offers cute items that are tooth fairy themed that can be purchased.

Free Tooth Fairy letter

This website offers the opportunity to personalize a tooth fairy letter for a child and it is absolutely free. Kids would be so excited to see their name printed on a letter from the tooth fairy. The child can even choose one of 6 fairies that he or she likes best, this free tooth fairy letter is great fun.

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