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Free printable letters of the alphabet for the classroom and home

Letters of the alphabet
Letters of the alphabet
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Free printable letters of the alphabet are so useful, I personally have used them for so many different projects. I really enjoy being able to go to my computer and quickly print off letters that I need plus there are so many creative uses for printable alphabet letters, the ideas are endless.

Here you will find some of my top places where the free printable letters have come in most handy and also some great websites where you can free printable letters of the alphabet.

In the Classroom

When I taught kindergarten, I printed off an alphabet letter book for each student in the classroom and then throughout the school year, we did many activities that were geared around the alphabet book. The children were allowed to color the alphabet book, add stickers, add words and/or pictures to the alphabet pages or do whatever they think necessary to make it more useful for them. The kids really loved having that alphabet book in their desk to refer to it as often as needed and then at the end of the year, they were able to take the book home.

I also used the free printable alphabet letters on walls and to make bulletin boards in my classroom and hall, sometimes I would let my students color the alphabet letters before I placed the letters on the wall and bulletin boards.

For Home Use

One of my favorite things to do with the free printable alphabet letters at home was to make garage sale signs, I would glue the letters onto a heavy cardboard and then cover with contact paper. The garage sale signs would last throughout my garage sale and a couple times I even used the signs for multiple garage sale because they held up so well.

I have used the printable alphabet letters for making the words such as: Happy Birthday and have taped the letters on the wall.

Excellent websites where free printable alphabet letters can be found:

Printable alphabet letters with pictures

This website allows a few different ways to print, the alphabet letters can be printed as a stand alone letter or a few different pictures are also offered that start with each specific letter you are looking for. This is a great site for teachers as it also has a lot of alphabet related games and activities that are beneficial to students.

Simple printable letters of the alphabet

Here you will find simple outline form of the alphabet letters and the outline colors that can be printed are: black, white, blue, green and red.

Free printable alphabet letters

There are lots of free printable alphabet letter choices on this website, great for the classroom and also home use. The simple alphabet letters can be printed plus printable letter worksheets, printable letter alphabet flash cards, printable alphabet letter tiles, alphabet letters to trace and alphabet letters to colors. Lots of great resources are at this website.

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