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Free printable lesson plan template

Lesson planning
Lesson planning
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Lesson planning can be very time consuming and daunting especially for a new teacher, however lesson planning does not always come easy for experienced teachers either.

A lesson plan format or guide makes lesson planning so much easier, using a free printable lesson plan template I think is the way to go. There are lots of printable lesson plan templates offered online and it is just a matter of finding which one feels most comfortable and works the best with the teacher's schedule.

Here you will find free printable lesson plan templates, make sure to print off a few different choices and try each one for a week or two and see which one feels the best.

Lesson plan templates

This website organizes the lesson plan templates in a very orderly fashion and the specific type of lesson plan template is really easy to find. Examples of the choices in free printable lesson plan templates are: daily lesson plan templates, weekly lesson plan templates, unit plan templates, monthly lesson plan templates, individual blank lesson blocks, lesson planning books plus lesson plan templates are also divided into subjects and levels.

Simple free printable lesson plan template

Here you will find a really simple free printable lesson plan template, it is vertical in format and lists the days of the week, Monday through Friday. If you want the editable version, it can also be downloaded for a charge of $4, although I think the free version is very adequate and makes a great lesson plan template for a new teacher who would enjoy having everything simplified at the beginning of his or her teaching career.

Detailed free printable lesson plan template

This lesson plan template is very detailed and is appropriate for each individual lesson, if you are looking for specific indicators on each lesson plan, this would be a great lesson plan template to print.

Weekly lesson plan template

This website offers a free weekly lesson plan template that lists the days of the school week, Monday through Friday and also has 8 periods listed for each day. I think this a fantastically simple but yet efficient lesson plan template and I think it may be better suited for middle school and high school lesson planning. Typically the elementary school day is not divided into periods so using this lesson plan template for the elementary school day may be more challenging.

Free printable lesson plan template

Here you will find a free printable lesson plan template for an individual lesson, it is a really simplified version but suits the purpose really well. I could see this lesson plan template working well by printing off numerous copies and then placing in a 3 ring binder for quick reference.

Lesson plan templates

This website has such a wealth of free printable resources for the teacher, it a great site to spend some time at. To find free printable weekly lesson plan templates for elementary and secondary, make sure to look under the column that is called: Classroom Organizers and the free lesson plan templates are the last two at the bottom of the column.