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Free printable envelopes for saving seeds from your heirloom organic garden

Make your own seed envelopes
Make your own seed envelopes
Maria Merlino copyright 2014

Buy, Sell or Trade Your Organic Heirloom Seeds with These Packets

Images of home made seed packs
Maria Merlino Copyright 2014

Saving seeds from your garden can be a fun and rewarding experience. Many plants that you buy in the garden center, are hybrid seeds. When you save hybrid seeds, you won't get that exact plant because these seeds have been changed in a lab. The best seeds to harvest are the heirloom or organic varieties. These seeds have not been altered in the lab and are folk varieties. You can find many heirloom seeds for sale online or you can trade with other like-minded gardeners, through seed clubs and seed banks. Depending on the variety, gather and dry the seeds according to the standard.

I have designed seed packets to hold your precious seeds. I used the draft setting on my printer for low ink consumption. There are 10 seed envelopes, 2 in color, 2 in black and white, a set of tomatoes and 2 sets of flowers.. I used a pastel paper to print the black and white envelopes for added interest. I like the draft setting on my printer because the paper doesn't get saturated with ink and I can make multiples of the envelopes on my home printer without worrying about the high cost of ink. The images are still very viewable. You will need a pair of scissors to cut out the packets and a glue stick to hold the folds.
Here are the seed envelopes and my step-by-step for putting together your seed envelopes.


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