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Free Printable Angel Stencils

Angel Statute
Photo by Matt Cardy/Getty Images

Angel images are popular during the holidays and all year long. Free printable Angel stencils are a low cost and economical way to add festivity to the holidays and for some individuals, it brings comfort and solace all through the year. Stencils are an easy way to use paint in a professional looking manner, a little practice with stencils will soon produce excellent results. Angel stencils are great to stencil on walls, clothing items, household items or crafts to give as gifts. Stenciling is a low cost and easy for kids and adults to express their creativity and feel confident about it. Here you will find a nice selection of free printable Angel stencils.

Here you will find a simple free printable Angel stencil that has 3 different sizes of Angels on the same page. The Angel appears to be flying and also blowing a horn; this simple design would be easy for both kids and adults to use. The 3 different sizes are good for crafts or anywhere different size Angels are wanted.

This website offers a large selection of free printable stencils and a section of the stencils are devoted to the Zodiac signs; an Angel image is represented for Virgo. This free printable Angel stencil is detailed and would look beautiful stenciled in a glittery paint; this one may be better suited for an adult or possibly and older child.

The free printable Angel stencil on this site is a simple type stencil and there are very good ideas offered on the website for Christmas art projects such as a holiday place card. This stencil would be great for a holiday party at a parochial school; there are multiple ways this Angel stencil could be used.

On this website, there is an Angel template for a paper chain and also an Angel coloring page; both Angels could be cut in such a way that they could be used as an Angel stencil. The Angel paper chain template will work better as a stencil especially for younger kids as it is a very simple image.

Here you will find a free printable angel stencil for kids; this angel has a halo and is a simple design for kids to use. This site also has other good Angel printables such as Angel coloring pages, Christmas Angel drawing lesson and an Angel template.

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