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Free pretzels on National Pretzel Day: Free & really cheap pretzels on NPD

Have you heard the "news?" Just in case you "knead" a little free "dough," you're in luck! According to a Digital Journal report published on April 24, a really twisted food holiday is coming up and Americans are in the mood to celebrate! April 26, 2014, is National Pretzel Day (NPD), an annual holiday that means one thing - free and really, really cheap pretzels across the U.S.A.!

National Pretzel Day Freebies:  Free and Really Cheap Pretzels Across America
Photo courtesy of Jonathan M

National Pretzel Day

Today’s pretzels come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and delicious gourmet flavors. Whether you prefer yours crisp and crunchy, warm and chewy, drenched in decadent chocolate or warm cheese or dipped in a variety of sauces, this annual holiday has been celebrated since United States Representative Robert Walker introduced the idea to Congress back in 1983.

Not only are pretzels a tasty treat to eat any time of the day or night, pretzels are often regarded as a symbol of good luck and prosperity! In honor of National Pretzel Day, some businesses and pretzel makers across the country are giving away free or nearly-free pretzels.

Free & Really Cheap Pretzels Across America

Pretzelmaker Freebie - Once again, participating Pretzelmaker locations will be servin' up free salted or unsalted soft pretzels on April 26, 2014. While the pretzels are free, donations will be accepted to help raise awareness and money for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Last year, Pretzel Maker gave away 40,000 free pretzels - this year they are hoping to give away 65,000.

Philly Pretzel Factory will also be handing out soft pretzels for free on April 26, 2014. So be sure to stop on by if you are in the neighborhood.

Synder's of Hanover will be celebrating NPD with celebrations in nine American cities for delicious sampling events, photos, giveaways, coupons and other fun activities. Cities include Boston, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Washington D.C., Charlotte, Atlanta, St. Louis, Sacramento and Chicago. And be sure to vote in the "Crunch the Vote" on Facebook and select your favorite flavored-pretzel. The first 10,000 fans to vote on April 26 will receive a coupon.

If you're super hungry, you're in luck. The Belmont Country Club will be offering several pretzel-inspired dishes in honor of NPD.

Dutch Country Pretzels will be selling soft pretzels for $2 each from 8 - 4:00 p.m. No limits.

Auntie Anne's Pretzel Deals - According to a message from Auntie Anne's, local franchises will be running their own NPD promotions and specials depending on the location. Just ask the friendly folks behind the counter what their particular special is. And be sure to check out Auntie Anne's Facebook page on Saturday for even more pretzel fun!

If you need an ice-cold drink to whet your whistle after devouring all those pretzels, you're in luck. The Shock Top Brewing Company just announced a tasty "twist" on beer. The brewery will be servin' up a new Twisted Pretzel Wheat, a limited-edition beer that delivers the taste and aroma of fresh-baked pretzels! The new Belgian-style, unfiltered wheat ale will be available for a limited time at beer fests across the nation and on tap in select locations. Bottom's up!

Happy National Pretzel Day!

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