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Free prep course at Everest Institute helping with Texas GED tests

Students getting instruction to prepare for the GED
Students getting instruction to prepare for the GED
Everest Institute

Getting a GED has never been easier with the launch of the new digital version of the GED test that was released in January 2014.

Though this GED version is pricier, possibly up to $120 in some states, it is stated to be administered entirely on the computer and reportedly is more difficult. Students who partially completed the test in previous years will be required to start over to comply with new standards. More than 3.5 million Texans are affected by these changes and who lack a high school diploma or GED test credential.

The good news is that a free prep course, The Everest GED Advantage program, is available to prepare Houstonians for the test.

Everest Institute, who will be conducting the free prep course open to the public, is designed to eliminate these barriers that could possibly create new obstacles in furthering their education. Information on upcoming courses is available at 1-866-297-8891.

Kimberly Ito, campus president at Everest Institute-Houston Hobby, explained how they are ready to help those wishing to take the GED.

“We’re proud to offer our community a program that opens the doors of educational opportunity to students. The Everest GED Advantage program can change the course of many lives,” said Ito.

Everest Institute is able to prepare people for the test, even covering the cost of the test and providing access to a computer to take it.

Their GED Advantage program features:
-Instruction delivered by qualified GED instructors and tailored to address student skills deficiencies and needs across all GED test topics, including language arts, writing, social studies, science, reading and math.
-Access to all campus facilities, as if GED Advantage enrollees were full-time Everest students, including computer labs
-Classroom instruction, small group or one-on-one tutoring sessions, and weekly meetings with a GED instructor to assess progress.
-Official GED Practice Test, with student performance evaluated and advice provided by a GED instructor.
-Coverage of all costs for students who complete GED Advantage and demonstrate readiness to take the GED Test.
-No obligation to continue education with Everest.

For more information on taking the GED in Texas, go to

Everest Institute has locations at Houston Hobby, Greenspoint and at 9700 Bissonnet in Houston. Everest Institute information can also be found on Facebook and Twitter.

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