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Free Power Source!

Infinite Invitiation
Infinite Invitiation

Who and Where do you get your Power Source? Your Energy,Your Charge? Where? Are you connected to the best source available? How can you Plug Up? Once you are plugged up, attached, and connected, a surge will power in-to and Power-Up through you like an i-phone ! You will begin to boot or re-boot, re-member or remember, re-enter or reenter a space in your life that is familiar. You will start to naturally do things that feel very easy and flow freely from yourself. Have you ever wondered what happened to those feelings, moments and thoughts? The answer is in prayer and meditation. This is your Power Source!

The better the charge or connection the more you move and feel empowered. The movement then quells all fear you thought you possessed which was really an illusion. The pseudo-fear was not real and only had power because you gave it attention, hence energy flowed toward it, giving it life. Sounds like a bad connection! Take notice when fear enters your space and check connection.

As we learn to remain constantly connected and our movement increases by faith. Although you formally may say you are not a person of 'faith', you notice yourself coming to expect the thing unseen from the momentum created by the connection you are currently experiencing. All of a sudden you will find yourself moving faithfully, steadied, and with purpose toward your life passions.

If you take a look at Mark 2:3-5 you will see a similar experience by the paralyzed man and his friends. As everyone gathered to hear Jesus speak there were some men who came bringing to him a paralyzed man carried by four others.

Now if you can just step outside of modern thinking. Imagine planning the walk with your friends with hope to see a person you heard will be able to free you of a condition. Then upon your arrival to see all of the people gathered to the point that visibility was none. So we have a long walk behind us and a bunch of folk in front of you and your friend is paralyzed.

No thought to turn around or stand in the available space, they made their way onto the roof, with the paralyzed person, and then Dug through the roof!

Finally, the men lowered the man into Jesus' view. Jesus bared witness to that level of faith, connection, fervor and electricity he said, "Son your sins are forgiven."

Are you one of those persons willing and able to carry the 'paralyzed'?

It does not appear that they questioned or blamed the person for their condition. The amount of courage, hope, faith and lack of pride the people possessed is something we can learn from. They were not concerned with how the crowd viewed them, whether or not things would work out, and they operated on one accord.

Are you willing to be carried?

Humbled and hopeful, the paralyzed person received the help, because they were open and willing. Willingness can be developed through prayer and meditaion. This then allows us to use faith and receive helpers we may or may not know or friends whom we hope can weather the storm to walk, carry, lift, and lower us into an unknown yet hopeful situation. This action is also an act of acceptance and trust.

Are you immobile, paralyzed, unable to move, or fearful to move forward in any area of your life? Do you identify within the LGBTQ community and and want to find and maintain this type of resillience; desire to learn how to and stay connected? Discover your gifts?

Know your truth to be just that..Truth! Be open to learning about the many paths available to you and don't be afraid to be carried or carry.

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