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Free ‘Pokemon X’ and ‘Pokemon Y’ download details revealed by Nintendo

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Free “Pokemon X” and “Pokemon Y” game downloads have been announced by Nintendo. According to a report from on March 5, the publisher is giving away a digital copy of one of the two handheld role-playing games on the eShop digital store.

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To be eligible for the promotion, users must first registered their Nintendo 2DS, Nintendo 3DS or Nintendo 3DSXL systems to Club Nintendo. Furthermore, they will also have to buy and register one of the following six games:

  • “Animal Crossing: New Leaf”
  • “Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D”
  • “Lego City Undercover: The Chase Begins”
  • “Mario Kart 7”
  • “Super Mario Land 3D”
  • “Yoshi’s New Island”

The registrations of the system and game must be done by the end of this month. If done correctly, players will be able to select either “Pokemon X” or “Pokemon Y” through the “Select Your Free Game” from the “To-Do” list of their Club Nintendo accounts. They have until April 30th to complete this process.

A code will be provided if the previous steps were taken correctly and on time. When redeemed on the eShop by the end of May, players will be able to download a free digital version of either “Pokemon X” or “Pokemon Y.”

The two latest installments of the “Pokemon” franchise were first made available on Oct. 12 of 2013. The software products have a retail value of $39.99 and are not expected to drop in price for the foreseeable future. You can find some gameplay screenshots from the two portable titles with the slideshow to the left of this article.