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Free Pizza Friday In Carlsbad

Blaze Pizza Stokin' The Fire
Blaze Pizza Stokin' The Fire
Wikimedia Commons,Photo By Dimitri Neyt (DimiTalen, DimiCalifornia)Public domain

Back in August San Diego set the country on fire when ABC News reported that America’s Finest City was home to the best pizza in the nation. Continuing the heated argument and furthering the flames, The Blaze is an "artisanal fast flamed" to order pizza in Carlsbad is tossing their dough into the ring with their new location at the Carlsbad Premium Outlet Mall.
Recently named by Zagat as one of the 10 Best Innovative Restaurants, The Blaze is a pizza chain that stoked its first oven in Irvine. In less than three years of firing their signature pies there are locations in 13 states with 6 locations in just California (soon to be 14).

Certainly pizza doesn't seem as competitive in California as Chicago, or like Barbecue in Texas, but in Southern California there is no shortage of gourmands, and the self named “Head Food Guy” of Blaze Pizza is also referred to as “The Pizza Whisperer” this chain is up to any challenge. Starting with a taste test, and you’re invited! This Friday, Blaze Pizza at the Carlsbad Premium Outlet Mall will be dishing a free slice to anyone who “Likes” them on Facebook. Bring your smartphone and get a slice, which takes only 180 seconds to make-time that you can probably fit into your day.

Here’s the second part of the challenge-the recent opening of their Chicago location did the same promotion and gave away 1,250 slices, Josh Levitt, spokesman for Blaze would like to surpass that number in Carlsbad.

We are better than Chicago, right? Just look outside (and grab a slice of free pizza and the outdoor Carlsbad Premium Outlet Mall) Friday, January 17th!