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Free photos with Santa at Bass Pro Shops

Parents all know that a picture with Santa is memory for years to come, but at many malls you end up paying an arm and a leg for that memory. Luckily for the frugal family Bass Pro Shops stepped up and is offering a free 4”x6” photo with Santa at their Santa’s Wonderland. Free photo times are Monday – Friday 5 PM to 8 PM, Saturday 10 AM to 9 PM, Sunday Noon to 5PM, Thanksgiving Day 11/26/09 10 AM to 5 PM, Black Friday 11/27/09 10 AM to 9 PM.

Bass Pro Shops also offers free crafts through the holidays on Saturdays and Sundays from Noon to 5 PM. And for those who don’t want to wait for hours in line, Bass Pro Shops offers a “Bass Pass”. If Santa is busy and the wait is longer than 30 minutes, talk to one of Santa’s helpers and they will give you a “Bass Pass”. It will have an appointed time printed on the pass, go out and explore the store and enjoy the rest of Santa’s wonderland. You come back at the appointed time and they assure you will wait no more than 30 minutes to get your photo with Santa.

Bass Pro Shops is located in Northfield Shopping Center off I-70 and Quebec, 7970 E. 49th Ave. Denver, CO 80238. The store phone number is 720-385-3600.

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