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Free photos from New Mexico Tourism Department

Aerial view of Albuquerque, New Mexico's largest city.
Aerial view of Albuquerque, New Mexico's largest city.
Photo provided by New Mexico Tourism Department

Do you need a photo for your website or to go with a local article?  If your article promotes New Mexico toruism, the state has some pictures for you.

The New Mexico Department of Tourism has photos from all over New Mexico, including Balloon Festival photos and aerial views of Albuquerque.   The site offers pages of thumbnail photos.  Each is free for your use provided you include the caption material the state provides with the image.

You will need to download the caption MS Doc file from the first line betow the numbered instructions on the images page.   The download link is easy to miss unless you're looking for the words "MS Doc".

If you're going to use an image for an article that doesn't in some way promote tourism, you'll need to call 505-827-7400 for specific permission to use the image.

The Tourism Department also hosts videos, some from their own archives and some from partner archives.   The videos aren't freely available for publication, but are effective presentations to flesh our details or provide memory triggers for journaling or creative-non-fiction.