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FREE Personal Trainer

Having a personal trainer is an excellent way to help us learn new materials, help us lose fat, lose weight, gain muscle and endurance, etc. Unfortunately not all of us are monetarily-prepped. Everyone is cutting corners, one way or another. It happens. So, what does one, who is recession-affected, do with those 10 holiday pounds? Stress no more! There are several affordable, if not free ways to go about achieving that 2010 beach body!

Health/Fitness Magazines:  The nice thing about magazines is that they are very current, portable, and inexpensive. You can even swap issues with your friends/colleagues. Purchase just one issue if you cannot do the whole year's worth of subscriptions. Each monthly issue is equipped with exercise tips, healthy recipes, and step-by-step pictures of various exercises. Once you get your bearings on even just a few exercises, you start to have an idea of what exercises work what muscle groups and later on can start to explore options.

  • Visit your magazine-of-choice online.. Most offer an exercise and/or recipe section. Here are a few to help you get started: SHAPE, FITNESS, YOGA JOURNAL, or WOMEN'S HEALTH.
  • Visit your local discount book store. Most have last year's subscriptions of health magazines. Clothes may go out of style, but exercises do not change drastically from season to season.
  • You can clip out your favorite exercises and start your own workout journal. I simply cut out my favorites and tape them to a spiral notebook and flip through them periodically. Yes it's that simple.

Gym Etiquette:  The gym can be pretty daunting for novices, no doubt about it. There are men grunting, people running like gazelles on the treadmills, big heavy machines everywhere and they all look like torture contraptions. The next time you are at your local gym or are outdoor exercising, pay attention to the athletes around you (observe; don't be creepy and stare at people). See how they do a certain technique. Most are even willing to give you advice and tips if you ask nicely.

  • I normally start off with a compliment, pinpointing the muscle group on which I would like some assistance. "You have such great calves! May I ask what exercises you do to achieve those?"
  • If you do belong to a local gym, check out the classes they offer. It is a great way to learn new techniques.
  • Remember to start off slowly. Diving in headstrong is just going to cause you to be overwhelmed and confused.

iPhone Applications: You know the infamous Apple iPhone motto: "There's an app for that." And YES indeed, there is always an application for your needs! Some are FREE while others only cost a few dollars - a worthwhile investment, right at your fingertips!!!

  • iPump Abs & Core
  • iPump Pilates
  • iPump Stretch
  • Women's Health Workouts Lite
  • DiYFit
  • Runtastic

Finally, there is always the tried-and-true technique of losing weight without thinking too much or spending an excessive amount of money: simply put down the remote control, put on your walking shoes,open the front door, put your left foot out, then the right foot, repeat.... (don't forget to breathe in the fresh air and enjoy the beautiful sunshine!).


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