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Free Online RPG Games

There are many different types of games but is there any gamer who doesn't love a great role-playing game? The RPG, done right, has the power to transport players into a world of exciting and fun adventures.

In recent years free online RPG games have become so popular that there are quite a lot of them. How can you find out which ones are worth playing? This is the sort of question that the gaming website MMO Worlds likes to answer.

"Our website is composed of reviews and top lists. You see, when gamers visit MMO Worlds they are looking for the best free online games. They don't want a list of every single game ever made, they want to know just one thing - which ones are good. We take the guesswork out of picking the best free RPGs," said Darius Johnson, editor of MMO Worlds.

The Top Free Online RPG Games list can be found here -

Many of these games like to focus on the classic medieval type of fantasy with knights, castles, kings, dragons, magicians, and so forth. However, there are also quite a few good RPGs that are set in futuristic or scifi worlds. Quests (or missions) and combat are traditionally the focus of RPGs though in recent years this has been spiced up with the addition of gameplay elements such as politics, multiplayer economies, crafting, strategy, dungeon/raids, etc.

Free to play has also become the dominant form of online RPGs, especially the ones that are browser-based.

"Not too long ago free to play RPGs were in the minority and the term was synonymous with cheaply made, bad quality games. Now even the big budget games are free to play," said Johnson. "If people want visually appealing, fun, and engaging content then they should head on over to our top online RPGs list and play some of our most recommended games."

In fact, these free to play games are so outrageously popular that the top online RPG of 2014 attracts well over 700,000 new users every month. Click here and discover the games that millions of people are playing right now -

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