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Free on-campus movies announced for UT spring semester

One of the big perks of being a part of the UT Austin community (students, staff and faculty) is that you can see the biggest new movies at the UT campus Texas Union movie theatre....for free!

Every Thursday night - usually at 6:00pm with an encore at 9:00pm - you can see the same movies that people who are not in-the-know end up paying for. Just check them all out at the UT Austin Texas Union Calendar website.

All you have to do is show up at the theatre. Try to show up early for the more popular movies, because otherwise the theatre may get to full capacity and you won't be able to get a seat. Then show the attendants your student/staff/faculty ID, and they will stamp your hand. You're allowed to bring one guest as well. And they let you bring food into the theatre, too!

Before the movie starts, the quirky student leaders who run the Texas Union theatre will usually show funny clips related to the movie as an cinematic appetizer, and then the movie begins in all its big-screen glory! There also often goodies like free posters. I got one last semester during Zombieland. And Starbucks marketed their DoubleShot drinks during Inglourious Basterds last semester as well.

Here is the schedue for the spring semester, from the Texas Union calendar (subject to change):

Jan. 24 Michael Jackson's This Is It

Feb. 4 The Time Traveler's Wife

Feb. 11 Paranormal Activity

Feb. 18 The Twilight Saga: New Moon

Feb. 25 Where the Wild Things Are

Mar. 11 Precious

Mar. 25 Up in the Air

Apr. 1 The Lovely Bones

Apr. 8 Nine

Apr. 15 The Princess & the Frog

Apr. 22 Sherlock Holmes

Apr. 29 Invictus

Don't forget to keep a close eye on that Texas Union calendar! From time to time, they'll throw in other fun movies just for the heck of it. Like I Love You, Man at 10:00pm on Feb. 24; Mean Girls at 10:00pm on Feb. 3; and Labyrinth at 10:00pm on Feb. 17!

So if you're a member of the UT Austin community (and who in Austin isn't?), then make sure you don't go to any of the regular movie theatres this semester. Why do that, when you can see so many awesome movies on the big screen for free?

If you paid $9.00 at any other movie theatre for the 12 first-run movies that the Texas Union is playing this semester, you would have paid over $100. So save your money and spend that $100 on one school book for your classes instead.




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