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Free Olympic beer? Canadians use passport to unlock liquid gold

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Free Olympic beer? Canadians are so lucky! The Canada Olympic House is making waves with the new beer machine located in the house where all the athletes stop by and visit. Of course there is one little detail that must be fulfilled before getting a pint of any beer for the Olympic Games. According to Fansided on Sunday, people who are given free beer need to have a Canadian passport.

The idea behind the beer disposing machine is quite simple. People are homesick and looking for comforts in a foreign land. What better way to accommodate any concerns than by offering up some liquid gold in a cool machine for the countryman?

The refrigerator is definitely hard to miss. The red and white machine is equipped with a camera reader so no phony passports will be allowed. When stepping up to the machine a pass under the camera reads the passport, verifies and gets the brew to the Canadian.

It’s probably pretty obvious, but the Canadians are living it up in Sochi. The chance to have free beer would make anyone not from Canada be really jealous. It’s not like anyone could have brought a six pack from another country, so everyone else will need to wait until they get home to celebrate.