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Free Obaby for Mother’s Day 2014

Get a load of these new Mother's Day illustrations created for you by artist, Kelsey Cronkhite.
Get a load of these new Mother's Day illustrations created for you by artist, Kelsey Cronkhite.

Remember Obaby, the app developed specifically for moms to be able to tell their beautiful baby stories utilizing handcrafted artwork on photos? Well, just in time for Mother’s Day 2014, this app (that is normally $4.99) will be free for moms to try it out! In addition to that great offer, the developers of Obaby are releasing 22 new illustrations for celebrating moms!

Now, this is a limited time offer with a two-fold purpose:

1. To give moms a gift they rightfully deserve and

2. To promote this wonderful application so that more moms get to try it out.

This special Mother’s Day edition of Obaby is being sponsored by Hyland’s Baby Teething Tablets. The new designs were created by artist, Kelsey Cronkhite.

Aaron Marshal, Obaby’s co-creator and designer had this to say, “We made Obaby to celebrate little lives, and thee special Mother’s Day illustrations celebrate all the moms who make those little lives happen.”

He continued by saying, “Moms make beautiful baby stories. We love them. We’ve decided to thank them this year by giving them our app for free. We also included artwork for everyone else to thank the moms in their lives.”

When moms download Obaby, they will have 300 or more custom-made illustrations from which to choose from in addition to the 22 limited time Mother’s Day illustrations. Furthermore, if moms are having a difficult time finding exactly what they want from the numerous free illustrations, there are another 350 or more illustrations available for moms that purchase the in-app illustrations; for $9.99, moms can “unlock” all the options Obaby has to offer! Obaby is even offering you a sneak peak of all of their artwork by inviting you to visit their website at

Obaby is also hoping others may join in on all of the fun, so they have dropped their price for Obaby+ from its normal $14.99 to just $9.99 this Mother’s Day season. This makes an absolutely fabulous gift because all 650 or more illustrations are all included in this price, plus any future or exclusive illustrations that may come available. Obaby+ can be given as a gift by going to the App Store, pressing the share button and then the gift button.

To review, this Mother’s Day edition of Obaby, sponsored by Hyland Baby Teething Tablets, includes the following:

· A limited time price drop (beginning May 8th) for Obaby from $4.99 to free.

· A limited time price drop (beginning May 8th) for Obaby+ from $14.99 to $9.99.

· 22 beautiful new illustrations for celebrating moms.

If you would like more information on Obaby products, don’t hesitate to visit the Obaby website or their Instagram account. Also keep in mind that the folks the created Obaby also created Over, the app that adds text and artwork to all photos.

Happy Mother’s Day 2014! Hope you enjoy Obaby with your baby!

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