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Free new app “Twigle” identifies bird songs

Skylark / Getty Images
Skylark / Getty Images
Photo by Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

On April 16, Avelgood released Twigle, a new bird song app that identifies birds by their songs and calls. According to Avelgood, “Twigle records the singing of a bird, and identifies the bird in seconds based on the recorded bird song.”

Twigle is different than other bird watching apps. Rather than having to do a search to identify the bird first in order to listen to its call, Twigle can record a singing bird as you hear it, and then determine the bird by its song. In other words, it is similar to a music recognition app.

The app also makes it easier for bird watchers to identify a bird which they can hear but can't see.

Twigle has about 300 birds in its free downloadable databases for North America and Europe. Using bird song identification, Avelgood says Twigle can put the correct bird in the top 10 about 70 percent of the times.

It also has the features of traditional birding apps, allowing the user to input the bird’s features like size, feather colors, habitat, etc. in order to find birds that match those features. Also the common name, scientific name or the family of the bird.

"Twigle pushes the boundaries of what we can do with our smartphones," said Gift Gana, CEO of Avelgood Apps. He added, "We do note that the performance is not yet at par with what music recognition apps can do, but it's a huge step in making the task of identifying birds easier."

Click here to download Twigle for free from the Windows Phone Store.

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