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Free My Sisters!

Free My Sisters!
Photo by Michel Porro/Getty Images

This was the cry from a 17 year old Malala Yousafzai. You say you never heard of this teenager. Well let me refresh your memory. This young girl was almost assassinated in her home country of Pakistan. She spoke out against the abuses young girls in her country were having to endure. She spoke for the education of young girls rather than making them get married at such an early age.You see in some Islamic countries the ideas being brought against the young are almost prehistoric.

This young woman endured much at the hands of the Taliban. For her seventeenth birthday she was in Nigeria on behalf of those young girls who were kidnapped so many months ago. Recently some 60 of them escaped but there still seems to be a little over 200 of them still being held by the extremist Islamic terrorist group called Boko Haram. She was able to get the Nigerian President to at least sit down and talk to the parents of the kidnapped girls, something that up to this time he had not done.

Malala spoke to Boko Haram directly and begged for them to release the girls and lay down their arms. She spoke of Islam as a peaceful religion and that Boko Haram was misusing Islam. She spoke to any who would listen that she felt a kindred spirit to the kidnapped girls and called them her sisters.

Boko Haram seemed to not be listening as they went out over the weekend and carried out more destruction and devastation to secure the girls off from the world.

What Malala has shown us all is that the Nigerian government cares little as to the outcome if these girls. To put it mildly the Nigerian government has done very little against Boko Haram and its terrorist actions.

During the World Cup recently Boko Haram attacked communities that were watching the games. Malala, I wish your actions would have payed off but when the Nigerian government and basically the world doesn't care about these young girls. Sadly, do you really think Boko Haram is going to listen to a 17 year old girl.