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Free Muffin Melts at Subway today until 10:00am

This morning my co-worker and I headed on down to our local Subway to get the advertised "Free Muffin-Melt."

As we were walking, another co-worker drove by and said, "Y'all going to Subway?"

And we said we darn-tootin' were!

There were two golden balloons at the door of the Subway, and there were surprisingly few people there.

And so it was that we got our free muffin-melt breakfasts!  And there was also a small coffeepot with free coffee!

My co-worker decided to buy a cookie while we were there, and I just said, "That's how they get your money...."

So take your muffin-top down to Subway and get you a muffin-melt and a nice little coffee.  You can't beat free!


  • Jenn, SA Budget Grocery 4 years ago

    Dang -- it's 11am now, guess I missed it!