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Free movies and rentals on a budget


Photo: AP/Damian Dovarganes

Renting a movie the old fashioned way - going to someplace like Blockbuster and picking one up - has gotten a little pricey.  There are lots of ways to still see movies at home without shelling out $5-$6 per rental.


Your local public library: Libraries have DVDs that you can borrow for free for a loan period of about 4 days.  Some offer "express" rentals for more popular titles, which just means the loan time is shorter.  You'd be surprised how up to date the selection is at the library...most have popular new releases.  They've got adult and children's titles, so this is an option that can satisfy your whole family.  Short on time?  Reserve one through the library's website, get a notification when it arrives and just run in and pick it up at the desk!

Your TV: Statement of the obvious, but worth mentioning.  There are lots of movies on TV, even if you don't have paid movie channels like HBO or Showtime.  In addition to the big networks, channels like Bravo, TNT and AMC are always worth checking out.  If you have a DVR, you can even record it in advance so you can pause for a snack break and fast forward through commercials.


Redbox: Rent a movie for $1.  With locations at many grocery stores (Stop & Shop and Shoprite to name a few), there's bound to be a kiosk near you.  You can select the movie when you get there, or reserve it online and head over to pick it up.  Put your name on their email list and you'll even get your first rental free.

DVD subscription service:  Services like Netflix and Blockbuster require you to create an online queue so they can automatically send you the next title on your list.  Plans start as low as $4.99 for a limited number of rentals per month.  There are no postage charges or late fees, so your monthly bill will never be a surprise.

Even if your family is on a budget, renting movies can still be an affordable way to escape for a few hours!

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  • Kim 5 years ago

    There are 2 codes for RedBox which will give you a free movie! Try breakroom (all one word) and dvd4me. You can use them once per credit card when you pay.