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Free Membership!

    I woke up this morning and I am still a child of God. How cool is that! This morning a letter came in the mail to inform me that my auto tags were expiring next month. Yesterday, I received a reminder call that my cable bill is due. I received an email this morning to tell me of a special deal my credit union is having on auto loans. Later today I have to pay my electric bill. So glad they sent me the bill in the mail so I wouldn't forget. I renewed my membership in AARP. I renewed my membership as a member in my union. I keep watching the mail. I keep waiting for the phone call. I keep looking for the email. I keep looking for my renewal papers. I am waiting for a new application for retired folks. When does my 'child of God' club membership get here? When does it expire? The God that created everything still loves me? You mean I don't have to sign up for the King of kings to love me? God the almighty is there for me? God my father lets me be His child? I like this! I don't have to watch for a shut-off notice? I like this! This is your friendly email reminder that you are always a 'child of God'! This is to let you know that there is nothing you can do to keep God from loving you. This is to remind you that God the father loves His children. We have a permanent, automatic, no shut-off notice, free membership as a child of God. From the tallest mountain to the darkest valley He loves us. From everywhere we can see He loves us. Whether we are winning or whether we are losing He loves us. It doesn't matter if we are broke or rich He loves us.

   1 Thessalonians 1:4 We know, dear brothers and sisters, that God loves you and has chosen you to be his own people.

   It's a great day being a child of God! My earthly father is gone but God my father is with me always! I am ready for this day!
Grace and Peace my friends!


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