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Free medicine at Rite Aid


So, this is probably my favorite week at Rite Aid!

Every year, they have one week of FREE medicine!!

 Before you stop reading, there is something for everyone. Even if you aren't a big medicine user, a lot of these items are homeopathic and all natural!

 Here are a few:

Bee M.D. Cough Drops- All natural, organically made with honey

Simply Saline nose spray- all natural salt water for any nasal/congestion. Here is my two cents: Can I just tell you you MUST buy this? I am convinced it works miracles. I haven't been to the doctor since I've had kids because of this stuff and my kids have only been to the doctor twice for being sick! It dries up and prevents everything!

Sucrets- sore throat losenges. There is either the all natural green tea  or regular

Body Heat Pads- 4 pack of disposable stick on heating pads

There is also tons of allergy meds, cold meds, and immune boosting meds there too!!

Just pick up and ad, and all the free items are on the back page! There should be a display of them, if not, they will all be in the same isle area.

 Here's the trick, this sale runs until Saturday, the 17th. Some stores are going to be sold out! Find a Rite Aid or two that has your items. It is about $50 worth of free medicine! You can call ahead and ask if they have what you want or you can go to a store that is maybe out in the boondocks! Look up a store by clicking here, . Once you have your items, enter your information HERE. A  single check rebate will be mailed right to you!

 Good luck and stay well this flu season! My number one tip, wash hands as much as possible!