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2014 Winter Olympics

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Free McDonald’s in Olympic Village? Torin Yater-Wallace loads up on free food

Torin Yater-Wallace loads up on free food
Torin Yater-Wallace/Twitter

The Olympic Village is the hub for all things cool at the Sochi Olympics. One thing that Olympic athletes get while at the competition is free stuff. The U.S. Figure Skating team offered a look at free Coke in the village and now there appears to be a run on free food at the McDonald's. On Wednesday Torin Yater-Wallace, the American athlete expected to shine on the slopes, is making free McDonald’s food runs.

“Luh me mac D's who in the mountain village needs some, I'm about to be the supplier,” tweeted Torin Yater-Wallace from his official Twitter account on Wednesday. He included a picture of the try stacked with sandwiches and it appeared his first delivery was already on the way. There is no doubt the athlete will be making several more runs as the idea of picking up free food is always enticing. Add a free delivery and who can resist?

The Olympic Village definitely can be a big distraction for the athletes. Not only can the athletes mingle, it’s a chance to goof off, eat free stuff that might not be on their diet and drink. Perhaps there are other activities too, but fans are impressed with all the perks the athletes get. Even if it is free McDonald’s food!

The perk is almost an incentive for fans to want to become Olympians. Just kidding! With all the freebies it was a fleeting thought, right?

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