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Free martial arts event alert: June 22, 2014

Free martial arts event
dragon network

On Sunday, June 22, 2014, the World Wide Martial Arts Council and Eric Lee presents a free event: Dragon Network III. It will be a day filled with entertainment, martial arts demonstrations and more! Location: Van Nuys, California. Contact Jeanne at (503) 984-8463 or for more information.

Committed to promoting integrity in the martial arts, the World Wide Martial Arts Council supports martial artists of all styles. The organization's main purpose is to recognize martial artists who make a positive contribution to the integrity of martial arts, and who make a positive contribution to their communities.

Master Eric Lee is a world renown martial artist and competitor who has positively influenced the lives of thousands of martial artists. Winner of over one hundred world titles, Master Lee was born in Canton, China. According to his World Wide Martial Arts Council Biography, he is credited with the following accomplishments and skills.

Co-Promoter – Coliseum Martial Arts EXPO and World Tournament
25 time Black Belt & Martial Arts Hall of Fame Honoree
2-time recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award
2 Golden Fist Awards – (Best Weapons Champion, Best Forms Champion)
Undisputed “King of Kata”
Founding co-member of World Blackbelt, along with notable martial artists such as Chuck Norris and Bob Wall
Winner of over 100 world titles
Undefeated forms and weapons champion from 1970 to 1974
Recipient of the Armed Forces Appreciation Award
Innovator and Certified Trainer of the flight attendant anti-terrorist training school (America in Defense)
Actor and fight choreographer in over 80 movies and TV productions
Las Vegas Legacy Award Winner
Produced a feature motion picture
Taught Movie Action at UCLA
Southern California Motion Picture Council Golden Halo Award Winner
Over 45 years of martial arts experience
Author of many martial arts instructional books and over 40 training videos
Grandmaster Lee Eric has a wide range of experience, technical expertise, and profound understanding in various martial arts disciplines. Included among those are:
Wun Hop Kuen Do – 7th Degree
Kajukenbo – 9th Degree
Jun Fan Gung Fu – Jeet Kune Do
A.G. Matrix System
Northern Shaolin System
Chi Kung Meditation
Tai Chi
Proficient in over 40 Martial Arts Weapons
Expert in Multiple Martial Arts weapons training
Chin-Na, Grappling, and Judo
Masters Degree in Reiki
Youth and Vitality and other healing arts
Studied with notable acting coaches.
Produced full length feature film Taught Seminars: How to Break into Movies Movie Stunt Fighting w/Cynthia Rothrock & Art Camacho
Studied Film Making and Film
Directing Produced 40 videotapes
Writer and Author of 3 books: 3 Sectional Staff, The Broadsword, Fight Back – Your Guide to Self-Defense
Travel Host: Host of the annual Eric Lee China & Hawaii Tour – since 2005

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