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Free Marketing for a New Business

Blogging for Money
Blogging for Money

If you are trying to start a new business, or already have a start up venture, your dreams are big and your pockets small. You have asked advice from any successful business person that will listen and the common response is, good marketing will help your business grow. Well great, what is good marketing?

Marketing can be a daunting adventure, especially with a new product or service no one has heard of before. Where do you start? How much do you spend? What works and what will waste my money? How do I know what efforts are working and what is wasting my time? Those are great questions, but unfortunately there is no absolute answer for everyone.

As a new business your money is tight, so you have to use creative methods to get your name out there. Here is just one example that works and best of all, it’s free!

Create a blog and share your successes and failures with your desired customers. Giving your business a personality people can relate to, adds appeal and gives consumers the sense they are connected to you, not simply buying your product. Make a few posts per week and share stories about things happening in your industry and how you are providing solutions to problems, or how you are getting involved. We are a social nation and the power of social media is greater than ever before. When you type a search query into Google, the engine will scour the internet for related topics. Blogs are ranked very high on the Google search engine and your story about how to make the world’s best chocolate chip cookies could come up on the top of the list. The internet is full of shared ideas and stories, the only mistake you can make is not joining in the conversation. However, do not expect instant success. Building your business takes time, but getting involved will cut that time down drastically.

This may seem to simple to be effective. Sometimes simplicity is the best tool. Become involved and engage with your customers. Blogging is a great and cost effective form of marketing, use it.