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Free Los Angeles: Walt Disney's Barn

Walt Disney's Barn in Griffith Park
Walt Disney's Barn in Griffith Park
Saralyn Wilhelmi

Walt Disney loved trains since he was a kid. So when he moved into his house in Homely Hills, in 1950, he built the Carolwood Pacific Railroad. In the middle of the railroad he build a barn where he could work his 1/8th scale trains and remotely control the switches on the 2,615 feet of track. After he passed his daughter Diane and the Carolwood Pacific Historical Society worked to save the barn when the estate was being sold.

Walt Disney’s Barn was moved to Griffith Park and is now opened for the public on the third Sunday of every month from 11am to 3pm. All of the workers at the Barn are volunteers and the up keep for the property is done off of donations only.

Throughout the year special guests come and many offer autographs to those who make a donation at the event. Some of the special guests that have visited Walt’s Barn are Marty Sklar, Floyd Norman, Bob Gurr and Walt Disney’s grandson Walter Elias Disney Miller. The Barn also houses one of the original train cars that was used at the Disneyland Resort from 1955 until the early 1970’s, which helps make this place a beautiful and historical place to visit.