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Free in Los Angeles: Greystone Mansion and Park

Turtles playing in a pond at Greystone Mansion
Turtles playing in a pond at Greystone Mansion
Saralyn Wilhelmi

Edward “Ned” Laurence Doheny, Jr. was given the property where Greystone Mansion now resides as a wedding present from his father in 1926. The following year Ned began construction on Greystone Mansion with his family moving in, in 1928. Greystone Mansion took three years to complete at a cost of over $3 million, an inconceivable amount for that era.

Sadly, Ned did not get a chance to enjoy the house because only five months after moving in Ned was killed by his longtime personal friend Hugh Plunket. After about 36 years and several owners, the city of Beverly Hills bought Gerystone Mansion and in 1971 is was officially made a public park.

The city of Beverly Hills allows Greystone Mansion to be rented for a variety of special events including the over 100 movies and television shows that have filmed there including, Ghostbusters, The Body Guard, and Star Trek: Into Darkness. During the summer, many couples have their wedding photos taken around the property because of its beauty. Throughout the year Greystone Mansion host several paid events with music, snacks, and even a play of the history of the location.

Guests are allowed to walk around a good portion of the park, which overlooks the city of Beverly Hills. The grounds have stunning gardens, two ponds that have fish and turtles, a pool that was converted into a patio and has wonderful views of Los Angeles and several lovely stone houses.

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