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Free iPhone apps worth having, Ellen DeGeneres uses iPhone at Oscars

Free iPhone apps worth downloading today start with the cool free iPhone app, “Throwback”, as Ellen DeGeneres uses her iPhone to tweet backstage, according to a March 3 report in the Times of India.

The free iPhone app, “Throwback” is a virtual time capsule. This app takes a photo that you've just snapped and—rather that put this photo in your iPhone's camera roll—sends it to you at some point in your future (or you can select a photo from your iPhone's camera roll). You might receive it at any time between one month and five years after it was taken (you can set the time frame or let this app arbitrarily set it for you). What a great way to relive a fun event.

Of course, five years is a long time and anything can happen to people in a group photo, but this possibility makes this free app even move valuable—because it will remind you of everybody and the fun time everyone shared. This free app is available for iPhone at the App Store and for Android devices at Google Play.

During a break in her Oscar hosting duties, Ellen DeGeneres took a selfie with a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and tweeted it in a scripted promotional event for Samsung. Unfortunately for Samsung, the selfie came out blurry, and with typical comical flair DeGeneres attached the hashtags “Oscars, Blessed, Blurry”. Events became even more embarrassing for Samsung when DeGeneres went back to tweeting during and after the Oscars with her iPhone, which you can see in this tweet by Ellen DeGeneres.

If you tend to shake your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch while you're videotaping, then the free iPhone app, which is compatible with iPad and iPod Touch, “Emulsio” is for you. This powerful app automatically removes the effects of camera shake and makes your video look smooth and professional. There is a before-after video comparison so you can preview your video before you accept the changes. While this app is free, there's a IAP of $1.99 to unlock all its features.

“Throwback” requires iOS 4.3+, is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch and is optimized for iPhone 5.

“Emulsio” requires iOS 7.0+, is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch and is optimized for iPhone 5.

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