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Free iPhone apps worth downloading now, 'Facebook' app kills battery

The free iPhone apps worth getting today include today's popular download “Warhammer Quest” (Reg $4.99) as a German app developer and a former Apple Genius Bar employee identify the free "Facebook" app as killing iPhone battery life, according to an April 9 report in “Forbes”.

The free "Facebook" app has been identified as being a big drain on the iPhone battery life because both this app and the free "Facebook Messenger" app continuously wake your iPhone every couple of minutes. These apps do this to indicate to your iPhone's iOS that they are active. If these apps did not constantly wake your iPhone to indicate they were active, iOS would shut them down to save iPhone battery life.

To prevent these free "Facebook" apps (and "WhatsApp" too, which uses the same approach to trick iOS into not shutting it down) from draining your battery, you should either close these apps when you're not using them or disable the “Location” and “Background” refresh background services for these "Facebook" apps (which now also includes “WhatsApp”, which "Facebook" recently bought).

To disable these "Facebook" background services just tap “Settings” on the home page and then disable the “Location” service by tapping “Privacy” > “Location Services” > toggle off "Facebook" ; tap “General” > “Background App Refresh” > toggle off "Facebook" to terminate the “Background” refresh service.

Free iPhone apps worth getting today that do not drain battery life by tricking your iPhone or iPad's iOS, include “Warhammer Quest” (Reg. $4.99), which is free today in a big app deal. In this free iPhone app, which is compatible with iPad and iPod Touch, you lead a group of adventurers through a dangerous labyrinth of dungeons filled with enemies in search of gold.

Another popular iPhone app that's free to download today is “Videolicious”. This app makes it easy and fast to create high-quality videos by quickly combining videos, photos, music and more. What's really cool about this free app is that all you have to do is just tap to instantly sync the narration with the video.

Popular today too in free iPhone app downloads is “Inotia 4 Plus” (Reg. 99 cents). This free RPG app gives you options to choose six classes, like Black Knight or Assassin, and 90 skills (which you can combine). With 400 maps and plenty of companions, enemies and monsters there's lots of fun here.

“Warhammer Quest” is rated 9+ for horror themes, violence, profanity, crude humor and mature themes. This free app requires iOS 6.0+, is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch and is optimized for iPhone 5. This free app also supports Game Center.

“Facebook” and "Facebook Messenger" require iOS 6.0+, are optimized for iPhone 5 and are compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

“Videolicious” requires iOS 6.1+, is compatible with iPhone 4+, iPad and iPod Touch. This free app is optimized for iPhone 5.

“Inotia 4 Plus” is rated 9+ for violence and requires iOS 4.3+, is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch and is optimized for iPhone 5.

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