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Free iPhone apps worth downloading, Amazon announces 'FireTV' box

Free iPhone apps worth downloading today include the awesome iPhone game app “Joe Dever's Lone Wolf” (Reg. $4.99 but free today) as Amazon announces a streaming and gaming set-top box to take over your television, according to a April 2 report in AppleInsider.

Free for a limited time, “Joe Dever's Lone Wolf” is an action-packed 3D role-playing game where your choices dictate the path of the unfolding mystery and game. In this app you create your own character with different traits and gear. You then explore the frontier between the Kingdom and the fearful Darklands, battle enemies and test your skills with challenging mini-games and puzzles.

Amazon's new “FireTV” connects your television to video streaming services like Netflix and Amazon's own “Prime Instant Video” streaming service. Besides these streaming services, “FireTV” shows content from apps like “YouTube”, “NBA” and “MLB”, plays music from apps like “Pandora”, doubles as a gaming console offering thousands of free and paid games—and displays the photos you store on “Amazon Cloud Drive”. Controlled by voice commands and protected by parental controls, Amazon's “FireTV” is being shipped immediately and, at $99.00, is a direct competitor to “Apple TV” (the Amazon set-top box and remote control even follow the design of the “Apple TV” box and remote control).

Super-hot in free downloads today is “Rolling Coins” (Reg. 99 cents). This cool iPhone app is a Physics and Kinematics game where you roll coins in different candy machines to get candies and win points. While you're rolling the coins through the machines, challenges appear making for even more fun in this simple but addicting game.

The free iPhone app “Toybox” (Reg. $1.99) is popular in downloads today too. This fun app challenges players to do two different and interdependent tasks at the same time—so here's a chance to test your multitasking skills. For example, players can shoot enemy toys on the right side of the screen to accumulate wooden blocks on the left of the screen, then quickly stack the wooden blocks on the left to destroy more enemy toys on the right. The longer you survive, the higher the points you get and your actions determine the melody that plays while you do. Each week the challenges and patterns change—so each week the leaderboards change. What's more, there are no in-app purchases or ads!

“Joe Dever's Lone Wolf” is rated 9+ for violence and horror themes, requires iOS 5.1, is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch and is optimized for iPhone 5. This free iPhone app also supports “Game Center”.

“Rolling Coins” requires iOS 4.3+, is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, is optimized for iPhone 5 and supports “Game Center”.

“Toybox” supports “Game Center” and requires iOS 5.0+, is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch and is optimized for iPhone 5.

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