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Free iPad, iPhone features of new iOS 8

Free iPad, iPhone features of new iOS 8
Free iPad, iPhone features of new iOS 8
Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Free new iPad, iPhone features of Apple's upcoming iOS 8 go beyond enhanced SMS and email abilities, according to a June 3 report in iJailbreak. iOS 8 is a major release that will revolutionize the way iPad, iPhone and iPod touch users use their devices. iOS 8 is free.

“Notification Center” which iPad, iPhone and iPod touch users access by placing their index finger near the top of the screen and swiping down, will now display widgets. Users select a free widget like “Sports” and automatically this widget displays its data in the “Today” view. So, for example, when you pull down “Notification Center," under the date, weather and calendar will appear sports scores (or the data from any widget you choose).

Another handy new iPad and iPhone feature in iOS 8 is displayed by double-tapping the Home button. Currently, double-tapping the Home button displays recently used apps and is an easy way to multitask.

In iOS 8, double-tapping the Home button also gives you immediate access to people that you contact most frequently in addition to your most recently used apps. So, if you want to contact your spouse or mom just double-tap the Home button and tap the person's name (under a photo of that person if you have one).

“Homekit” is another free iOS 8 feature that is cool. “Homekit” allows users to control everything from home thermostats to garage door openers and home security systems from the comfort of their couch using their iPad, iPhone or iPod touch. What's awesome is that the user can tell Siri to prepare for bedtime and Siri will automatically set the house alarm, turn off the lights, close the garage door and more.

Besides creating a standard for companies that manufacture home devices so your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch can control them, Apple is also creating a standard for health and fitness apps. “Healthkit” is a free iOS 8 app that is a repository for all the data that is produced by wearable devices like Nike Fuelband.

With “Healthkit” you do not have to check individual apps to see your blood pressure or heart rate, all you have to do is check this free app. “Healthkit” can even contact your doctor in case of an emergency. Next time this reporter will bring you more details about the cool upcoming features of iOS 8 for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch.