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Free iPad, iPhone apps for today plus WWDC 2014 news

Free iPad, iPhone apps for today plus WWDC 2014 news
Free iPad, iPhone apps for today plus WWDC 2014 news
screenshot by George Ottusch

Free iPad, iPhone apps worth getting today start with “Disney's Villians Challenge” as WWDC 2014 brings lots of new features to iPad and iPhone, according to a June 2 article in Softpedia. Traditionally Apple announces the features of the next iOS at the World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC) and this year Apple is expected to follow the same pattern.

The free iPad, iPhone app “Disney's Villians Challenge” contains 18 mini-games with Maleficent, Captain Hook and others in a race against evil. These games include painting Maleficent's castle and dressing Henchmen, freeing Dalmatian, brushing Croc's teeth and lots more. While this app is free for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch and six games are free, the balance require one IAP to unlock them.

Lots of exciting changes are coming to iPad and iPhone with the new iOS 8 that Apple should reveal today at WWDC 2014. “Maps” for example will now include transit directions among other enhancements.

Other changes that Apple are bringing to iOS 8 for iPad and iPhone include removing “iTunes Radio” from iOS and launching “iTunes Radio” as a separate app, much like “Pages” or “Numbers” is a separate app. Unlike “Pages” and “Numbers”, “iTunes Radio” will be free. “iTunes Radio” currently has 40 million listeners in the United States and Australia and Apple plans on launching “iTunes Radio” across the world.

Other leaks include the possibility the Apple will remove the “Game Center” app and add the “Healthbook” app. “Healthbook” will contain all the health and fitness info generated by wearable sensors, like Nike's Fuelband. Info that “Healthbook” is expected to gather is heart rate, distance walked, blood pressure, weight and nutrition.

One of the features of “Healthbook” will be an “Emergency Card” that is akin to the current free app “Emergency Contact Data." “Healthbook” is thought to be a health and fitness equivalent of “Passbook."

Improvements to Siri include integration with Shazam, the free music identification app. Music is a major focus of Apple since Apple introduced the iPod and continues to be a major theme of developers.
The free iPad, iPhone app, “LeechTunes” lets you listen to music by creating custom gestures, an easier and safer way to control the way you listen to music while driving or jogging. “LeechTunes” includes 21 different skins.

“Disney's Villians Challenge” needs iOS 6.0 or higher. This free iPad, iPhone app, is compatible with iPod touch and is iPhone 5 optimized.

“LeechTunes” requires iOS 5.0 or higher and is compatible with iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. This free app is iPhone 5 optimized.

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