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Free iPad hack supercharges 'Siri' with loads of new features

Free iPad hack supercharges 'Siri' with loads of new features
Free iPad hack supercharges 'Siri' with loads of new features
Photo by George Frey/Getty Images

A free iPad hack supercharges “Siri” with lots of useful new features, according to an April 18 article in “PCMagazine.” This iPad hack is simple and requires only one minor adjustment in “Settings."

“Siri," the voice controlled personal assistant on iPad (as well as on iPhone and iPod touch), lets you set reminders, place phone calls, send messages, find destinations and more. But while “Siri” on the iPad (iPhone and iPod touch too) can do lots of things, there are even more things that “Siri” couldn't do on the iPad—until now.

Four freshman students at the University of Pennsylvania created a free application that exploits “Siri” so Apple's personal assistant can now do lots of new things on the iPad. This application lets “Siri” launch third-party apps like “Spotify” and play specific songs, turn on lights in your home, open a car lock—plus lots more—all from the comfort of your iPad.

This free application is called “GoogolPlex." To play a particular song through “Spotify” using “GoogolPlex” for example, you simply open “Siri” and say “GoogolPlex," followed by a command like “play Demons”--and the song begins playing.

You must begin your command with the word “GoogolPlex." This word tricks “Siri” into interpreting it as “Google, please” and then launching a Google search. When “Siri” searches Google for the command “play Demons” in this case, it connects to “man-in-the-middle” server and, rather than returning search results as you would usually get in a Google search, interacts with another server to open “Spotify” and play “Demons."

To use “GoogolPlex” on your iPad, you only have to make one simple iPad hack that changes the way your iPad looks at the Web. You will find the simple directions to this easy iPad hack at “GoogolPlex.”

While this iPad hack uses“Siri," it also gives “Siri” more competition in the iPad personal assistance area. This hack also makes “Siri” slower because your commands to “Siri” have to be rerouted to the other server.

The free iPad digital assistant app “Indigo” is also available. The free iPad app “Indigo” is a personal assistant that can carry on a conversation with you. Besides getting maps and directions with this free iPad app, you can also get jokes, trivia and even your horoscope.

What's more, this free iPad personal assistant will also open “YouTube” videos, translate words and phrases into different languages, convert text in emails or messages to speech, update your journal, manage your appointments and reminders—and lots more.

“Indigo” requires iOS 6.0 or later, is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch and is optimized for iPhone 5. Unlike “GoogolPlex," “Indigo” is a free app that can be downloaded from the App Store and is not an iPad hack that gives more features to “Siri."

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