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Free iPad apps worth getting today as 'Beats Music' comes to iPad

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Free iPad apps worth getting today begin with “The Wolf Among Us” (regularly $4.99) as “Beats Music” updates its iPhone app to add support for iPad, according to a May 2 report in “Beats Music” launched its iPhone app in January.

The free app “The Wolf Among Us” (regularly $4.99) is a mystery adventure game that plays like an interactive movie. On the surface, each character is disguised as an innocent fairy tale character, but beneath none are what they seem. In this iPad app, you are the sheriff tasked with keeping the peace and solving a grizzly murder. With this free iPad app comes “Faith," the first episode of “The Wolf Among Us” only.

The new iPad version of the free “Beats Music” app contains the same features as its version for iPhone and iPod touch. There is a handpicked mix of albums and playlists personally customized for listeners, the “Just For You” option, as well as the ability to create your own playlists and discover new music on your own or with friends. But the free iPad version brings a specially designed interface for iPad as well as dedicated support for both portrait and landscape modes.

In addition, “Beats Music” for iPad now includes integration with “Twitter” so you can find and follow your “Twitter” friends. The free iPhone and iPod touch “Beats Music” app has also been updated to include this new “Twitter” integration. While the “Beats Music” app for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch is free to download, after the free trial period, there is a monthly subscription.

Free for today is “Distressed FX” (regularly 99 cents). This app is a critically praised iPad, iPhone and iPod touch photography app that helps users easily create gorgeous artwork—especially from still life and landscape photography. All you have to do to create this artwork is to snap a photo and select the textured image and overlay that you want. There are hundreds of texture combinations and users can adjust texture strength plus circular and linear blur effects, color and black and white HDR effects and lots more.

Free for today too and also in photography is the free iPad app “Halftone." This free app for iPad, as well as iPhone and iPod touch, turns your photos into comics with speech balloons, captions and styles. You can then share your finished product with family and friends via email on any major social network like “Facebook."

In keeping with today's free apps for photography theme is “AdjustGrid” (regularly 99 cents). This free app uses a precision grid to help users take professional-like photos. This app offers 11 compositions and 35 customizable grid lines that can be used in any environment.

“The Wolf Among Us” is rated 17 or higher for references to alcohol, tobacco and drug use, mature themes, sexual content, nudity, violence, profanity and crude humor. This free app requires iOS 6.0 or later and is compatible with iPad, iPhone and iPod touch.

“Beats Music” is rated 12 or higher for mature themes, nudity, profanity, crude humor, violence and horror as well as references to drugs, alcohol and tobacco use. This free app requires iOS 6.0 or later, is compatible with iPad, iPhone and iPod touch and is iPhone 5 optimized.

“Distressed FX” requires iOS 6.1 or higher. This free app is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch and is iPhone 5 optimized.

“Halftone” is compatible with iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. Plus this app is optimized for iPhone 5 and requires iOS 7.0 or higher.

“AdjustGrid” requires iOS 5.0 or later. This free app is compatible with iPad, iPhone and iPod touch and is iPhone 5 optimized.


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