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Free iPad apps worth downloading today as new iPad Air detail leaks

Free iPad apps worth downloading today as  a new iPad Air detail leaks
Photo by Spencer Platt

Free iPad apps worth downloading today include the free iPad app “SimpleRockets” (regularly $1.99), which is also compatible with iPhone and iPod touch. Plus, new iPad Air 2 details leak that confirm projections, according to an April 25 report in GottaBeMobile.

“SimpleRockets” (regularly $1.99) is free for today in a nice app deal. In this free game users design and build their own rocket ships to explore the solar system. There is a wide variety of rocket engines, fuel tanks and other gadgets to choose from as players decide which combinations work best to get through the intense atmosphere of Venus or take advantage of Mercury's low gravity. Along the way players learn about rocket science, astronomy and physics, which makes this app fun and educational.

Several lines of recently re-discovered code in iOS 7.1 suggest that Touch ID is on its way to the new iPad Air too. While these lines have been around for a while, this code suggests that Apple is working on extending Touch ID to iPad Air 2 and possibly the new iPad mini.

Apple has worked extensively to refine and develop Touch ID technology ever since Touch ID appeared in the iPhone 5s. For those who don't know, Touch ID is the fingerprint scanner on iPhone 5s that let users unlock their iPhone 5s by simply placing a finger on the Home button (rather than entering a Passcode). Additionally, Touch ID allows authorized users to make purchases from iTunes without having to enter a password.

Currently, Apple has a staggering 800 million active iTunes accounts with nearly that many credit cards in its database. In addition to Apple using Touch ID to protect this data, it is surmised Touch ID will also be the foundation of a secure mobile payment system. During Apple CEO Tim Cook's recent interview with the Wall Street Journal, Cook said he thinks mobile payments are “a really interesting area."

“continue?9876543210” (regularly $3.99) is a free app for iPad, as well as iPhone and iPod touch for today. If you have ever wondered what happens to dead video game characters, you will love this addictive and strange action-adventure game, which assigns levels randomly. Here the player is a dead video game character wandering aimlessly in RAM trying not to be deleted forever while meeting lots of characters—some of whom offer shelter, others insist on battle.

“SimpleRockets” requires iOS 4.3 or later. This free optimized iPhone 5 app is compatible with iPad and iPod touch.

“continue?9876543210” is rated 12 or higher for profanity, crude humor, violence, sexual content, nudity, suggestive themes and references to drug, alcohol and tobacco use. This free iPad app is compatible with iPhone and iPod touch, requires iOS 5.0 or later and is optimized for iPhone 5.

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