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FREE: Initiation #1 - Activations of Awakening - 2 more days, from Jo Dunning

Jo Dunning, a powerful energy healer for our time, is in the midst of doing three major Activations of Awakenings at this time. I just found out that the replay for the FREE - INITIATION #1- ACTIVATIONS OF AWAKENING will be available through this Thursday, so I wanted to let you know about this opportunity as well.

These three Initiations, offered by Jo Dunning, are designed to create the changes in your consciousness you desire and provide the fuller access to Divinity you have been seeking. Along with these changes most people also experience a greater connection with Source as they receive its great gifts and blessings.

You are Divinely Designed to prosper and be abundant in every area of your life.

Your finances are meant to be easy and plentiful, your body strong, healthy and resilient and your mind clear, focused and at ease. Your relationships are meant to be loving, supportive and deeply meaningful. Your connection to your Divine Source is intended to be strong, clear and provide valuable guidance at every moment.

These changes are all part of the expanded consciousness you develop as you continue into full Awakening. The Initiation Series is specifically designed to assist you in this process by offering you rapidly expanding consciousness and accelerating your Awakening process.

If you have received any of these Initiations previously from Jo Dunning, you know how powerful they can be. Now is the perfect time to receive the Initiation again and add greater acceleration to your journey. Each time you receive the Initiation you add even more energy to your rapidly accelerating Awakening.

The Initiation Series is a powerful combination of three Initiation events. Each Initiation continues to build the energy and transform your consciousness. As you receive each Initiation your consciousness is expanded in preparation for the next Initiation. You can attend one Initiation or receive all three for the maximum acceleration.

The first Initiation in the series is offered as a free gift to anyone who would like to receive it. During this one event you will receive an Initiation to Activate the Pineal Gland, another Initiation to activate the Endocrine System, and a third Initiation to activate your DNA and return it to its original Divine structure and blueprint. The replay of this event is still available until this Thursday, February 13th. The entire Initiation process is available from the recording. Use the link below for more information about this powerful Initiation or to access the replay.

INITIATION #2 - Marriage of the Pineal and Pituitary - REGISTER NOW!
The second Initiation in the series is offered this Thursday, February 13th at 5:30 PM, Pacific Time. The full replay, including the Initiation, will be available for your use for two weeks.

This astounding Initiation continues the process started in the first Initiation. It builds on the energy and opens greater access to higher levels of Expanded Consciousness and Divinity. These changes are expressed through you in you physical body, your mind and your entire Being.

Most people notice these changes from Initiation #2:
Creates the Sacred Union within your Being
Aligns all parts of your Being with Divinity
Supports expanded states of Divinity
Blends and harmonizes your connection with the Heavens and Earth
Initiates higher levels of Expanded Consciousness
Creates loving personal relationships
Increases capacity for True Love
Increases Spiritual Gifts, healing, clairvoyance, etc.
Creates an Abundant and joy filled life
Raises your Personal Vibration
Expands your connection with Source
Intimate relationships blossom
Promotes feelings of magnificent deep peace and well being
Brings Expanded Divinity into your physical, mental and emotional bodies


This Initiation holds the powerful Secret Initiation used for Expanding Consciousness and Awakening. It moves you into the highest levels of transformation and Divinity. It has seldom been offered in modern times and is now available for those serious seekers who truly would like to Awaken.

Transforms you, your life, Consciousness and Being
Anchors in your Golden Divine Aspects
Awakens your full Divine Potential
Divinity is infused into every cell
Internal critical voice becomes silent
Ego self is diminished
Become fully present in the Now
Life becomes a graceful flow
Divine opportunities manifest
Sacred Doors open spontaneously
Prosperity and Abundance manifest
True Divine Love is now available
Highest levels of connection with Source are Initiated
Initiates full Physical, Mental, Emotional transformation into Divinity
Experiences of Divine Oneness
Ecstatic States of Consciousness become available

Register now/More Information

Register now for the Series and receive a $55 discount!

Thank you, Jo! To our Health, Wealth, and smooth Activation and Awakening, Dancing heart~~~~

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